I dont know if anyone realizes this blog still exists but im alone on drugs aghain so ima ramblwe. I gotta get up in like five hours but im way too yayyed to sleep so thatll be fun. my minds goin a million miles a minute, one second i feel on top of the world next like im the botttom of the trash can outside a homeless shelter. so who the fuck knows? not a very interesting drug rant but hey at this point i dont give two shits if youre readin it or not

I never post on this site, so I’m gonna start usin it to let out all my thoughts when my brains all funky.

Startin tonight on vicoin and booze so forgive mah spellin if youre readin this. I gt really bummed out these pst two days but im fucked up now and is all good. I say fuck her man she aint that great. Anyways Silence of the lambs is the shit and I wanna pull some hanniba lecter level crazy escape but igotta getmyself locked p first maybe ill steal a baby or somethin. ill worry bout tht once I get home. i miss colorao a fuckim bunch but m leavinto go back in like an hour so itllbe okay. gonna pop a couple more vic maybe a trazodone so I can coma my way through a good chunk of the triip. i wish i woulda had  computer on the trip thouh i really wanted to get some writin done i wanna make a movie about stealing gore but i dunno if i canpull it off id probably haveto do some illegal filmin so whtever gotta do some shit for art soetiimes ytou kno what i mean? no iones readin this probably but thts all the thoughts i got right now im write another scrawlin manifesto next time im all fucked up and alone see ya later ddudes.